06 December 2011

This is insane

I ran into this while browsing the web this morning. It's bloody insane that a guy as big as G.R.R. Martin can be saddled by crap like this. Well done Paypal. You are trying to expand into Africa, and then something like this happens? Way to go to get the public to believe in you. Paypal is a brilliant service in principle, but if you are going to be stubborn and idiotic about stuff like this, you won't get many guys in South Africa using you. It's easy enough to make internet banking transfers, and we are used to have to struggle a bit to get our money out of the banks, what with dumb SASWITCH fees killing us and all. You were supposed to make it easier and cheaper to transfer money and pay people. 

I was bloody happy when I heard that Paypal is going to be linking with the Big 4 banks that we have. Now, not so much. I'd rather stick to my bank screwing me. At least I'm used to them. A new player with the same old crap and horrible public service? And doing essentially the same service as a bank? You must be joking if you think the normal person who only does payments locally would use you.


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