14 March 2013

Republic of Thieves publication date announced

After five long years, we finally have a publication date. Just announced on Gollianz's blog here

"The Orion Publishing Group (UK & Commonwealth) and the Random House Publishing Group (US) are thrilled to announce the publication of the third instalment in Scott Lynch’s popular fantasy series that began with The Lies of Locke LamoraTHE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES will release on October 10, 2013 in the UK and Commonwealth and October 8, 2013 in the US."

This is the best new's I've heard all year. The Gentleman Bastard series is one of the most original and well written out there. I love these books. Lynch's struggles with depression and anxiety is well documented, which explains the long wait for the third instalment of the series. I'm glad that a date has been set and that Mr. Lynch finished the final draft of what will be a damn good book. Well done and holy hell I can't wait for this!

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