18 March 2013

I interrupt the usual proceedings

Phew what a weekend! I attended a fun bachelors and went flying off my motorcycle. This necessitated a visit to the hospital, where I was poked and scanned for a while and then I received the news that I fractured my sternum. It hurts quite bad, but with no bruised organs or chips of bone to worry about I see myself as quite lucky. I'm also as stiff as a damn plank and starting to go blue in some places. That means I'm healing.

The motorcycle is a bit crocked, with the handlebars a mess and quite a few scrapes. Hopefully it can get fixed with the minimum of fuss and money.

This, and two weddings I have to attend this week, will lead to some quiet time on the blog. Everything should be back to normal next week if all goes well.


  1. nasty, look after yourself! still, more time for reading right? ;0)

    1. I was too hopped up on pain meds yesterday to do anything, but feeling better today. Working my way through the Blinding Knife by Weeks at the moment.