01 March 2012

The ocean replenishes the soul, as does Harry Dresden

So I'm back from a too short holiday on the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal. Five days  just aren't enough to get a good laze going. It was well deserved and helped recharge my batteries.

We went to San Lameer, a private resort with beautiful houses, beach and cocktails.

That picture is from Wikipedia, since my wife and I are terrible at remembering to take pictures. Whole holidays will live forever in my mind with no photographic proof. That is just to give you an idea of the beauty of it all.

I lost 22 golf balls over 18 holes, a new personal record. My dad thought it hilarious. It was quite frustrating, but I do enjoy trying to play golf for some or other weird reason.

After scaring all local wildlife with my wayward shots, I decided a book or two needs to be read in order for it to count as a holiday. Off to a local small bookshop we went, and they had a sale. On that sale, they had this:

I've heard good things about Mr Butcher and Harry Dresden, and since it was on sale, I bought it. This was my first Harry Dresden novel and certainly not my last. I polished off Changes and immediately bought the first book, Storm Front as well as Fool Moon. I'm enjoying them too much to write reviews just yet, but they will be on the way next week. The magic, the dialogue, demons and the urban setting is done beautifully.

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