21 February 2012

Mark Lawrence - King of Thorns fragments 3

The third instalment of the little tasters of King of Thorns, the second book by Mark Lawrence.
Brother Grumlow
In the long ago, in the gentle days, Brother Grumlow carved wood, worked with saw and chisel. When hard times come carpenters are apt to get nailed to crosses. Grumlow took up the knife and learned to carve men. He looks soft, my brother of the blade, slight in build, light in colour, weak chin, sad eyes, all of him drooping like the moustache that hangs off his lip. Yet he has fast hands and no fear of a sharp edge. Come against him with just a dagger for company and he will cut you a new opinion.

I love this little leaks. 

In other news, I'm off on holiday from tomorrow until 27 February. It's time to recharge my batteries, play some golf and indulge too much in food and drink. 

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