24 January 2012

Introducing the rarest book in the universe

I would like to draw your attention to John Scalzi. The guy is an amazing writer and his blog is one that I like to follow the most. Now, at the recent Confusion science fiction and fantasy convention, the organisers thought it a good idea to gift him a copy of his own book, The Sagan Diary.

A normal person would just shrug and leave it. Not Scalzi. He licked it and signed it: " I hereby testify that this copy has been ensalivated by me - John Scalzi."

Then he got FOURTEEN other sci fi and fantasy authors and his wife to do the same.

The salivators are: Joe Abercrombie, Saladin Ahmed, Elizabeth Bear, Peter V. Brett, Tobias Buckell, Myke Cole, Jim C.Hines, Jay Lake, Scott Lynch, Cat Rambo, Patrick Rothfuss, Michelle Sagara, Kristine Smith and Brent Weeks.

I present The Legendary Book Of Epic Confusion (real title)

This makes it only book in existence today that has been licked and signed by fifteen brilliant authors. It's the best collectors edition in the history of earth.

No word yet how this unique peace of literary history is going to be disposed of. Most probably an auction. Man, I wish I had money...

Follow the brilliant John Scalzi here.

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