21 September 2010

Tom Holt - My Hero

Just finished this one last night and boy was it fun! Yes, I know it is not a new novel being published in 1996 and all, but it deserves some credit.

 I've always loved Tom Holt's books. It is the kind that does not take itself too seriously (a lot like Sir Pratchett's Discworld in pacing and levels of drama).

What happens to characters of novels when they are not being used by their creators? Now there is a question that I never even thought of! It get's answered in this book, as well as explaining why the hero always  wins no matter what, which was quite nice.

The hero in this book is Regalian, who was created by Jane Armitage, who writes mainstream fantasy badly by her own description. The story (sort of) starts in the genre we all know and love, but gets mixed with a dollop of Westerns, Jane Austin, Frankenstein,  Alice in Wonderland and some Shakespeare. Hamlet is even in it. And Dracula,

With a cast list like this, it has to be hilarious. And it is. So if you ever want to sit back and read a book that will make you laugh your pants off, this one is for you.

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