10 April 2012

List of South African bloggers

Here is a list of some of the active book bloggers in South Africa. A load of genres are covered in here. Go take a look!

All the days of
Genres: almost any, but with a focus on paranormal romance, zombies and dystopian fiction.
I occasionally review movies and host book tours.  I have a soft spot for indie authors and feature them on my blog regularly. 

A Muggle's Magical Book Blog
YA, Fantasy, Paranormal

Bibliophile (n) - A person who collects or loves books. From Fantasy to Fiction to Non-Fiction, I pretty much read 'em all. 
 Eclectic, but favouring YA, mystery series, biographies, and the occasional classic.

Genres: Primarily YA, with a focus on paranormal, contemporary, dystopian and fantasy fiction. I do review a certain amount of adult fiction though, including, magical realism, fantasy, dystopian and paranormal fiction

Genres: YA, royal historical fiction and murder mysteries

 Where books find you...
Genres: if it’s a book, I’ll read it

Genres: YA, specialising in paranormal and supernatural
I will also review films and tv shows applicable to the paranormal genre and post news and other thoughts.

SA Partridge
Genres: YA and South African Fiction

Sonette's Bookworm Blog
Genres: YA, paranormal romance, urban fantasy and sometimes sci-fi and dystopian fiction.
I am currently searching for someone to collaborate with me on my blog as my hectic schedule prevents me from giving it the love it deserves. If you’re interested, please let me know!

Genres: speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) and the occasional crime thriller, with a preference for cross-genre fiction, especially if there’s mythology in the mix.
I favour the inventive/quirky/downright weird over genre trends.

The Word Fiend
Speculative Fiction (Fantasy, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi), Thrillers & Mysteries, YA, Paranormal Romance. I read widely however, so these are only a general guideline.

Worlds In Ink
Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Thrillers

The musings of a Young and Avid reader
Genres: strictly Young Adult fiction. Within that genre I enjoy Contemporary, Paranormal, some Fantasy and Historical novels

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